The advantages of our product are so varied and innovative that they can hardly be described in brief.

For those who are interested we offer a detailed description of our unconventional material on the right.

Of course we would be pleased to explain all advantages to you personally.

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CGB Carbon Grossbauteile GmbH

CGB – custom-tailored solutions of carbon

Carbon generally displays significantly better properties compared with conventional materials: Carbon fibres are light-weight, highly tensile and rustproof. Cost per kilogram of completed component can be significantly reduced by efficient CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced polymers) manufacturing processes.

Carbon – consider advantages from the beginning in design

CGB Carbon Grossbauteile GmbH professionally tailors custom-designed CFRP solutions in accordance with your specific requirements interplaying with the favourable properties of carbon. Appropriate and efficient application of carbon fibre is already decided upon during design and construction phase. Many users fail to exploit major features of carbon fibre by adhering to the initial component geometry solely substituting the base material for CFRP. CGB pulls ahead – true to the company slogan: “CGB - beyond the conventional“

CGB combines requirements with material properties

CGB clearly gears to CFRP material properties and the specific requirements of your project. No matter if only for standard structures such as carbon pipes or complex geometries – with our philosophy in design, construction and production CGB widens the scope of application of carbon to a vast spectrum. As example carbon fibre components can be positioned along stress lines during manufacture where they can optimally exhibit their composite tensile capabilities. CGB will take exactly these aspects into account during construction and carbon processing for your product.

Cost reduction by efficient manufacturing methods.

Expenses employing carbon can be noticeably reduced by efficient CFRP manufacturing processes: base material at CGB mostly is the roving, the CFRP fibre. For this we apply highly automated processes. Both factors drastically reduce your expenses for the final carbon fibre product.

cbg: standard solutions, prototypes, production in series

CGB focuses upon the three prime targets in design and manufacture of CFRP: standard products, prototyping and complex products for which we provide integrated solutions.

In the field of standard solutions CGB offers common components made of carbon fibre such as pipes, beams, sections or other CFRP structures formally known in steel construction. Prototyping means attending to your project from the first idea through all intermediate phases up to small series. For the area of complex carbon-based large components various efficient CFRP manufacturing methods are combined. CGB employs innovative winding techniques and QuickPreg. Some of our machines are unique to CGB world-wide.

CGB is looking forward to talking with you

CGB wishes to enter communication with you. We want to understand your requirements and ideas to provide custom-tailored solutions in carbon fibre. We will gladly demonstrate the advantages of CFRP and our method of carbon processing in a personal interview. We are looking forward to hearing from you.