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Advantages of carbon fabrics

Carbon is a composite material and thus distinguishes clearly from quasi-isotropic materials like steel or aluminum.


The following is an overview of carbon properties:

  • Density 1,5 to 1,6g/cm3
  • Anisotropic material properties (direction dependent)
  • thermal expansion -0,1*10-6/K along the fiber
  • High strength and stiffness-weight ratio
  • High vibration resistance
  • good formability
  • radiolucent
  • High corrosion resistance compared with metals (depending on medium, concentration, exposure time and temperature)


This offers the following benefits:

  • The low weight results in a low mass inertia for rapid accelerations.
  • The very low thermal expansion offers maximum accuracy for measuring devices at fluctuating temperatures. No readjustment required.
  • Greater flexibility in design thanks to extreme possibilities of forming.  
  • Interesting optical effects.


We are pleased to advise you in the use of carbon for your application.