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Large CNC portal milling machine

CGBs large 5-axis portal milling machine offers a range of operation of X = 20.000mm, Y = 6.000mm and Z = 3.000mm and is due to this dimensions one of the largest milling machines in southern Germany. Thus, complete full-scale car or boatmodels can be machined out of a single block and in one setting. Its extreme formats and an accuracy of 0,06mm opens up interesting possibilities especially for tool and mould making.


Process flow and programming of free form surfaces and 5-axis geometries are simplified and accelerated by the use of 3D-CAD and CAM.


In addition the milling machine is equipped with a touch probe and can be used as a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for checking geometries.


Milling services

Apart from processing our own lightweight-components we offer milling services to share the advantages of the large milling machine with our customers.


Facts and figures:

Dimensions of the work space:

X = 20.000mm
Y = 6.000mm
Z = 3.000mm



d = 0,06mm


CFRP, GFRP, various types of foam, wood, aluminum, casting compound, ureol and other easily machinable materials