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"Mae West", Munich

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Mae West

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CFRP- and GFRP-windig machine 3

World-wide unique winding machine

Exceptional carbon projects require exceptional machines: CGB has therefore a world-wide unique winding machine, which can manufacture components with a length of up to 40 meters and diameter up to 1,000mm. The plant was developed with specialists from Waltritsch & Wachter and is supplemented with a modular tempering-oven which can be used over the whole length of the component hardening the resin.

This device was also used to create the 30 pipes with up to 40 meters length for the carbon sculpture „Mae West“, which was erected at the Effnerplatz in Munich.


  Ø 1,000mm x 42,500mm clamping depth
Thickness:   according to customer demands
Materials:   CFRP-Rovings