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CFRP Plates

CGB manufactures innovative carbon-plates up to a size of 2800 x 1200 mm with different wall thicknesses from 2mm.

In contrast to CFRP-plates made of common prepregs we have the possibility to realize arbitrary fiber angels of +/-10° or +/-30°. Thus, the mechanical properties and thermal expansion can be adjusted along defined directions. This results in a higher strength and a lower weight compared to quasi-isotropic carbon-plates.

The carbonplates can be ordered cut-to-size and including holes, pockets, nuts or any other type of milling operation.


Features of carbon-plates:

  • size: up to 2800x1200 mm
  • contour tolerances according to ISO 2768-m, thickness tolerances according to ISO 2768-c
  • Tg up to 125°C (higher temperature resistance on request)
  • matt glossy surface or with peel-ply for glue preparation
  • arbitrary fiber angels
  • finish-machined

Mechanical properties and individual design available on request.


Application of carbon-plates:

  • Jigs and fixtures manufacture
  • Optical systems
  • Model construction
  • Transportation and handling-systems