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QuickPreg®: innovative semi-finished products for pressing

QuickPreg® is a semi-finished product similar to a prepreg. The big advantages compared to conventional fabrics are the free-running carbon fibre between two crossing points and the possibility of arbitrary fiber angels.


The lower ondulation increases the fibre-parallel rigidity by up to 20% and the individually optimized fiber orientation can additionally reduce weight.


QuickPreg® plates can be composed of an almost arbitrary number of layers and be reshaped directly to shell components in a press process.

Properties and advantages of QuickPreg®

  • Arbitrary fiber orientation (0-90°) and arbitrary buildup sequence
  • High fibre volume content (55-60%)
  • Very high drapability
  • Low clipping-waste
  • Semi-finished components up to a size of several meters


Application of QuickPreg®

  • Arbitrary molded parts for various industries