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One 40 meter long carbon pipe, wrapped from rovings

40 meters long and still just 1.1 tons

A 40 meter long pipe with just 1.1 tons of weight and enormous bending resistance? cgb Carbon Grossbauteile GmbH impressively demonstrates their competence in construction and production of large components made of CFRP and the exceptional possibilities of winding technology.

The dimensions of this carbon pipe are impressive: 40 meters long with a diameter of 800mm and a wall thickness of 10mm. It was manufactured by cgb with a world-wide unique tensile wrapping machine developed in cooperation with specialists in wrapping technology of Waltritsch & Wachter (W&W).

Starting material: Rovings and epoxy resins

As base material comparatively inexpensive carbon fibres (Rovings) and epoxy resins are used. Wrapping was performed coreless and directly upon prestressed fibres which are integral to the pipe and later have substantial influence upon the resultant flexural resistance. As connectors two steel flanges were directly integrated and wrapped in. Using the T-IGEL technology of Teufelberger these were connected to the pipe form fittingly - naturally without damage to the fibre.

Wrapping pattern determines flexural resistance

Not least the high count of 0° and 10° layers lead to extraordinary flexural resistance - irrespective of the low weight of only 1.1 tons. In total a height of 40 meters high tech.