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"Mae West": 52 meter high work of art

Work of art on a building - CFRP in Munich

Commissioned by the city administration department of the State capital Munich, the piece of art "Mae West" was realised as contract project "work of art construction" in the course of the tunnel building project "Mittlerer Ring Ost" at the Effnerplatz in Munich. In a competition the 52 meter high carbon sculpture of the renowned artist Rita McBride prevailed. With numerous internally acknowledged objects Rita McBride is one of the influential artists of her generation.

32 Carbon-pipes with 40 meters length

The impressive and widely visible waist-like sculpture is reminiscent of a light-footedly twisting dancer. "Mae West" harmoniously integrates itself into the existing architecture and the roundabout traffic at the Effnerplatz. The piece of art consists of 32 CFRP pipes with up to 40 meters length which were produced with wrapping method of the carbon fibres (Rovings). Connection systems from Teufelberger were directly incorporated ensuring optimal form fit. Subsequently the surfaces of the CFRP components were sealed weather-proof.

CGB Engineering: How "Mae West" learned to dance

"Mae West" became possible by combining various innovative carbon manufacturing methods. CGB was responsible for production of pipes, prefabrication of connective elements, assembly at the Effnerplatz in Munich and management of the project. The linkage of these elements distinguishes CGB Engineering. And: a comparable sculpture could not have been realised using conventional materials such as steel. Only the CFRP-light-weight construction by CGB can let "Mae West" dance at the Effnerplatz.